Overwatch: An Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a Hero

Each class of heroes has a certain level of power. There are heroes who stand out brighter than the others in various competitive tournaments and games. This article will be devoted to them. Overwatch isn't just a game, it can become your source of income if you bet at https://overwatchbetz.com/. But first you should learn what role each hero plays. Let's get started.

The Brightest Heroes in Overwatch

Check the list of the great heroes in Overwatch and choose the best one for you.

  • Mercy. She has the ability to resurrect a whole team, which is especially important when capturing a point or during the last shocks of a car. Besides, she can treat her teammates and increase their damage. So, if you see that in your team, there are adequate people who know a lot about this game, you can safely take Mercy and be an indispensable assistant. With this hero, your chances to win will increase significantly!
  • Widowmaker. A character who can capture heroes that have 150 units health, but for this her charge must be fully accumulated. Just imagine that there will be an Angel on the team who increases the damage - the Widow's fast rifle turns into a killing machine. She can easily counter Farra but only in the skilled hands of the player can she open up to the maximum.
  • Pharah. Rockets play an important role in the class of shooters. They are able to strike at the terrain, kill fixed targets and make players more mobile due to the ability to cover various objects and territory. In competitive games, Farra has two main advantages - quick ground gains and a game on the flanks. In good hands, the potential of this character is revealed in full. Farra is able to safely control the flanks and quickly kill the support of the enemy. On top of that, her ult is perfectly combined with aoE ult teammates, which creates incredibly powerful combos and the ability to wipe the entire opponent team.
  • Reinhardt. Reinhard has many advantages. When pushing a load, he guarantees progress even against an opponent’s face fire. While his shield is standing, you can push the cart with impunity. With most of it, it synergizes the heroes of protection and support. And in the contact battle, he is just a killing machine.
  • D.Va. Her main ability is to nullify enemy fire, be it a combo or an ult. Due to this D.Va is an excellent defense hero. However, the main advantage, which makes the hero incredibly strong, is mobility. The rocket flight of this character has a small cooldown, which allows it to do unpredictable things. She easily breaks all the tactics and plans of the opponent and does not allow to hunt for friendly support and snipers, who separated from the group. Due to two strips of health, D.Va is able to absorb a huge amount of damage.
  • Zarya. The main advantage is the ability to cover teammates with a shield. Also, the ult is included in numerous combinations with the abilities of other characters, in particular with Hanzo, Farra and other AoE ultus. This hero is perfectly combined with Reinhard and such important characters as Mercy, who must be saved with the help of a shield. As for her own damage, it is relatively small.

Choose one of the heroes mentioned above and you will definitely succeed.