History behind CS: Go

Over the last decade, the Counter-Strike series has hit the top of Steam's chart more than once. But did you know that CS: GO phenomenon had humble origins?

Historic background of CS: GO

In the beginning, Counter-Strike focused on a long-lasting multiplayer battle between two teams; the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. Both teams were obliged to meet some objectives to win a round and gain a point. This idea was based on the actual conflict between terrorist and counter-terrorist squads in some parts of the world. This theme required a more realistic environment for the game, which was the only reason why it was decided to mod Half-Life. Meanwhile, Unreal Tournament and  lacked the inherent realism. Thus, it was decided to create the game, operating 30 - 40 hours per week and addressing the same subject matter.

An "open development" of CS: GO was based on the high level of public involvement. Feedback from the community was researched by Jess Cliffe, who administered the website where discussions were conducted. Communication with game enthusiasts was crucial to the development of the subsequent versions of Counter-Strike. All the further corrections and modifications at csgobettingz.com were also based on feedback.

Believe it or not, but most levels for CS: GO were made by the community. That is how the game has been developed. Eventually, the developers’ mission to create a realistic shooter became a real thing. When first-person shooters such as Unreal Tournament and Quake were famous, CS: GO stood out for its slower-paced combat and focus on strong teamwork. The success of the game influenced the way the whole genre evolved over the next several years. It was CS: GO’s considerable emphasis on realism and straightforward approach which made it possible for the game to look more attractive for players.

When it comes to the future perspectives of the game and the whole genre, the developers are intended to change players’ movements. By introducing dynamic movement, they aim to create the most appropriate way for shooters to evolve.

Final Word

After the first version of the Counter Strike, the whole series has sold more than 25 million copies across the world. That time was enough for the series to become a core title in competitive gaming. Today, Counter-Strike has a strong user base, namely a testament to the undeniable relevance of the game.