An Easy Guide for Dota Beginners

It is useful for each novice player of Dota 2 to know the main aspects of crypting, the role of heroes in the game, the subtleties of combat in Dota, the role of the human factor, the characteristics of the placement of heroes, and much more. This also might help to bet on with profit. Therefore, further advice should help novice gamers to master the game Dota 2.

The Goal of Dota 2

Practice shows that the majority of novice players misunderstand the main goal of Dota 2. Someone thinks that the main thing is to earn as much gold as possible, collect artifacts and that means they will be invincible. As a rule, in such cases, very soon the position of the team becomes hopeless, and the enemies become noticeably stronger. Also, quite often you can hear the opinion that you need to give your enemy your central tower in order for it to be trapped. This is also not worth it, because the more towers a player has at his disposal, the better the card is controlled.

Therefore, it is important to say that the main goal is the destruction of the enemy's throne, and all other actions only increase the player’s chances of winning. Only the demolition of buildings and towers of the enemy can help to win.

The Role of the Hero in Dota 2

It is important for every beginner to remember that there are no useless heroes in the game. Each of them is useful in its own way. For example, if the game is played for carry, then you do not need to give preference to the gangs. In this case, you need to swing as much as possible in order to tear the enemy team. Also in Dota 2, there is such a type of heroes as pushers. Their main advantage is that they can act autonomously from the team and quickly demolish the buildings of the enemy.

The Importance of Card Control in the Game

At the very beginning of the game, the player is faced with the task of placing five heroes along three lines. Usually, in simple games one player goes to the central lines, and on the sidelines two heroes each. At the same time, ranged heroes are sent to the difficult line, and close combat is sent to the easy line. In a professional game, usually the arrangement is slightly different - one hero is sent to the easy line, three heroes to the difficult line.

Rune control is also quite important. In most cases, the success of a ganga or push depends on the possession of a rune. It is desirable that the team had at least one hero who knows how to "check" the runes well.

The Human Factor in Dota 2

Naturally, every gamer is a man. No one can play the game without errors and press keys like a robot. However, the human factor is important in the application of skills of heroes. A gamer can simply assess the potential of each player's active abilities, which is very important for playing Dota 2.