BookNet: Canada's Book Club Subscription Has Increased Recently

Thanks to the new report on Canadians and book markets issued by BookNet, an average reader and an experienced publisher can get deeper in the trends of the books market. The reports aim to keep you inform about the latest trends in the market, whether it comes to dramas, thrillers, or novelas eroticas.

Specificity of Club Membership

BookNet Canada statistical research service reports aim to estimate the percentage of Canadian book buyers who belong to a book club or reading category. BookNet itself has a range of articles from the last two years, each of which has a headline called "new Oprah?" In fact, the old Oprah doesn't have to worry about her reputation as this name is used for decent purpses.

According to the results from BookNet Canada's surveying of Canadian book club members, less than half (47%) belong to a celebrity book club. Thus, Oprah takes the leads (46%), being followed by Emma Watson (26%), Emma Roberts (20%), and Sarah Jessica Parker (17%).

The study, known as Reading Together: Book Clubs in Canada, was crafted by professional researchers using the motivations cited by those surveyed for becoming the member of the club.

Another concept busted by the research is the in-it-for-the-wine book club. Here are those who join the club:

  • 64% of book club members stated that they joined their clubs to discuss books;
  • 56% said that their major reasons were exposed to new books;
  • 50% called meeting new friends as a lure;
  • 39% stated they'd enjoy meeting up with friends;
  • 31% said that they join a book club because they wanted to talk about life.

How respondents pick up their clubs? The major influencers were determined via word-of-mouth (52%), bookstores (49), and libraries (44%).

In terms of the popularity of clubs' different genres, here are the major tendencies:

  • Mature fiction: 74%
  • Mysteries and/or thrillers: 60%
  • Adult nonfiction: 65%
  • True crime, biographies, memoirs: 44% each.

The research study conducted by BookNet is available for the sale at the price rate of $24.99. What's good is that the sample of its findings can be found on the official homepage of this non-profit organization. One of the most significant findings in that sample is that women made up the majority of the survey's book club members. At the same time, the club members who belonged to three or more club were men.